How to roll a joint.

Rolling a joint can be done in many different ways; thus there is different preferred methods to utilise whilst building a joint.

The base materials needed for a ‘typical bill-joint ‘ is this:
- A lighter.
- A rectangular hard piece of paper a filter-tip.

- A rolling paper, preferably thin unbleached paper, hemp-paper and/or ricepaper.

- An Organic mixture to wrap.
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- A [mixing tray] to contain the mixture; examples on home-made versions can be found [HERE]
*/ [Optinional] is a grinder in order to reduce the time/energy needed to break down the organic material.

*/ an double decimal scale in order to make sure what quantity is suitable for you and thus for your crowd.

Personally I prefer to prepare all the different components and place them in front of me.
I fold up the [mixing tray], I withdraw the herb and the tobacco.
If I roll solo, at this stage I start to [roast the tobacco] if I do not have a tobacco alternative.
I do this to make sure that my creation is burning smoothly and evenly with an increased taste.

Then I start rolling the filter-tip.

I do this by rubbing the cardboard paper or the pre-cut filter-tip (as seen here) against a pointy surface such as a [knife], the corner of a table or even a lighter.
This is done to make sure that the filter is rolled smoothly into a buffert.
- The interesting thing is that we all refer this as an filter; whilst technically it is simply a buffer to prevent organic material from entering our mouth.

In this specific article there is only one method describing on rolling filter-tip’s, to be able to choose from different variations please head over [here].