Contact Us

Contact us? Why? Who are you and what do you want the BestBuds establishment?
There is plenty of thing(s) that you could want from us.

Perhaps there is some content that you have been itching to write?
Some article(s) that you want to request in order to fully understand how to set-up your aqua-phonics system? Perhap(s) you happen to be an excellent java-scripter and thus could help us implement a unix-based application into our webshop?
We are still only a single step in-front of being a seed, and this is a period that we truly do cherish seeing as we in fact are allowed to take our time and bath in the sun preparing for our great spurt.

This is the time were we assemble and form bond(s) together with our surroundings, in order to ensure that we continue to grow for a long period ahead of us.
If you can fill up one of these criteria, please do not hesitate to contact us.

  • Search Engine Optimizer
  • Content Developer(s)
    – Cannabis in media, ‘How to’ Cannabis article(s) and video(s), Blog article’s,
    – Technological components, how to prepare safely communicate, IT/etc
    – Gaming! What is hot right now, iOS/Android? Xbox One or PS4?
  • Community manager(s)
    – One of the things that we truly aspire towards here in Bestbuds is to bring together and forward communities in all different kind of genre(s), with very few things in the essence of these.
    If you possess the will to provide assistance for a cause we deem worthy, please do not be afraid to do so.
  • Forum Manager
    – Every platform needs a discussion forum, BestBuds is no exception. Do you have any experience with MyBB or similar plugin’s that we could implement? Perhaps you would like to code and/or build sub-forums from the scratch?
  • Webshop Manager/Product development
    If you are great in:
    a) Coming up with prototypes/ideas for product(s) that fit our criteria, or generally an idea that you believe that we together could realize – do not hesitate to let us know.
    Perhaps something that could upgrade a current product we have in stock or that is available on the market currently? That could very much be the case. Remember how elements realized that raffled paper made the oil from the resin drip slightly different? Those are the thing(s) we are looking after.
    b) Researching what the market is demanding and ordering/bringing this fourth towards the audience through the webshop.
  • Economical Adviser
    If you posses merit(s) or a strong will assembled together with a person letter, where you indicate that you are able to demonstrate your capabilities this is always of a interest for a start-up.
  • Website Manager
    If you in any way feel that you could be of assistance regarding the development and improvement regarding website development and thus could help us tidy up the site, please do not hesitate to let us know. This website is currently running with WordPress.
  • Translator
    If you write/speak a language fluently and are looking to put in extra work, either for BestBuds or a correlating publishing agency where you are expected to translate a book/do a vocal cover for an audio book this is of interest.

Who you are is not of any importance to us, but rather what you wish to change.
No actions are too small, and no improvement can be too bothersome.

Is the form to stale for your taste? Fear not, by mailing you shall receive assistance.