Buds Only

What you are seeing right now

is the alpha version of a platform that will grow to engulf multiple nations in Europe.

We aim to have this platform ready in 5 different languages, starting on the 6th of Marchacker(s) of the project to invest their resources in the boat before it departs from the harbour.

That is an entire month before the launch of the project which is to take place on the 28th of February

Dos Buds

Frontpage of BestBuds

This is the frontpage of a corporation in its very early stages; a company designed to educate and uplift the community which this platform wishes to build.

  • We hope that you remember to visit this site once again in the future, as it currently is being developed and will take some time to function as planned.
  • Thank you in advance, we sincerely wish you a good day!


Starting from Sweden & heading across Europe/.

Aspiring to become a better people - till the moment we together become the Best Buds


Our vision, mission & values

We believe that people are the mainstay of our organisation and it is our mission to offer an enriching environment for professional and personal growth for every employee, with an open, participative culture that permeates each level of the organisation. Investing in people means that we can always be confident that the needs of our customers are met.


Amazon provided us with $1350 credit!

Amazon is promoting some start-up projects in a new programme of theirs and we sent in an application - it did not even take them 12 days before sending us the 'OK'!

We received $1350 credit from their funding programme and thus we do not have to pay for hosting anytime soon.

New staff-members!

We now have two incredible talented members on board the staff!

One of them pledged to help us design our website and to get it up and running before launch date!

This is why you currently are viewing this beautiful freshly designed website!

You will be able to find more about them in the CREATIVE BUDS section shortly if you are interested in getting a website designed for yourself!

Live MineCraft Server!

There are no plug-ins or anything added to the server at the moment - if you have recommendations regarding the maintenance then please write so under COMMUNITY.

The server is located at:

The Discord server for this project is available here.

Products have arrived!

More product samples have just arrived!

12 bucket hats with the two different logos implemented - 6 of each of them has just arrived.

Together with the already existing pens that we sampled and the rolling-paper, we are starting to have a complete product line!